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Types of Lab Testing: Complete Blood Count

If you’ve ever been to the doctor for diagnostic work, the first place that he or she is likely to start is with a CBC, a Co

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  • Listeners have embraced Dr. Higgins for her honesty and sincerity, and ability to make complex issues understandable. Her passion is unmatched by industry standards. Her listenership has grown faster than any other radio personality in our 45 year old history of WBCX.

    Station Manager WBCX
  • I don’t listen to health radio and I listen to Dr. Higgins because she is so easy to listen to and so likeable.

    J. Jackson, Melbourne, FL
  • I wake up at 6 am on Wednesday’s to hear you rebroadcasts.

    J. Simpleton Tacoa, GA
  • I just want to say that our community is blessed to have a person that thinks like you on the airwaves.

    C, Armistice Bridgeport, CT
  • She makes every listener feel like it is a private conversation with her alone.

    S. Fugate, Atlanta GA
  • Dr Higgins is a gift.

    E. Long, Chico, CA
  • I feel like I know you.

    Radio Listener-WDUN, Gainesville, GA
  • This woman is doing her life’s work.

    K. Reidy, Chicago, Il
  • Your passion is incredible-why can’t every doctor talk and explain like you.

    S. Koch, TX
  • You make everything so simple and make soooooo much sense.

    S. Sutherland, Newport Beach,CA