2/4 Hydration

July 29, 2018

With so many different brands of bottled water, it’s difficult to figure out the difference between them or if there even is a difference!  A new trend in the water world is Alkaline water, which is H2o that has a more basic pH than standard waters on the market.

Since most of us haven’t studied pH since our 7th grade science class, here’s the cliff notes version: the pH scale runs from 0-14.  A substance with a pH lower than 7 indicates that it is acidic and greater than 7 indicates that it is basic (basic is another term for alkaline).  7 is the magic number at a substance with a pH of 7 is considered neutral.

The body maintains a pH of 7.35-7.45 for optimal health, but that pH is affected by a multitude of things, including our diet.  If you are ingesting more acidic foods (think grains, sugar, processed meats), the body must work much harder to maintain that optimal pH.

At this point, you may be wondering why a slightly acidic body is a bad thing…after all, that naughty list of foods sounds pretty enticing!  Research has shown that disease thrives in a stressed environment; in this context, your body is under stress in an overly acidic state because it is having to work extra hard to maintain the optimal pH level.  In order to sustain an optimal pH, we can follow the 20/80 rule: 20% acidic foods, 80% alkaline foods.  Another way to increase your alkaline intake is to consume alkaline water.

Alkaline water helps the body maintain that ideal 7.37-7.45 pH by eliminating the acid.  I don’t want to get too far into the chemistry of how Basic H20 helps rid the acid, but that’s the basic concept…..see what I did there…basic, basic.

Ok, moving on.

If you decide that you’d like to try an Alkaline water, keep the following in mind: steer clear from waters that rely on sodium bicarbonate, don’t buy it if it’s made from tap water, and pass on a brand that uses ionization to make it basic.

Alkaline water shouldn’t be your first stop to get a more balanced pH. The most efficient and healthiest way is through the food and beverages you consume, but Alkaline water can be that hydration boost to have as another tool in your tool belt.  A brand that I personally use and recommend to my patients is AQUA OH–!.  Check out their website if you’re interested in trying their product.

Your heart is the greatest healer of your life.  And your soul is the heart of your life.  Let’s start living, folks.  Today starts now.  Until we meet again, this is Dr. Higgins saying, good bye.