4/4 Hydration

August 22, 2018

Summer’s officially here and drinking enough water during these hot months is going to be more important than ever. Use some of the tips that I gave you in last night’s newsletter and apply them to your day.  At first, drinking 8+ glass a day may feel like a chore, but take it in incremental steps and commit to drinking the recommended amount for a full week.  In 7 days, I guarantee you’ll feel more energized, have more regular trips to the restroom, think clearer, and likely shed a few pounds.

Just like any habit, it takes time to make a routine something that we no longer think about – we just do it.  Make water that new habit and you’ll thank yourself later.  Remember, your heart is the greatest healer of your life.  And your soul is the heart of your life.  Let’s start living, folks.  Today starts now.  Until we meet again, this is Dr. Higgins saying, good bye.