Dr. Evelyn Higgins is a recognized international expert on fitness, diet as well as health and wellness. Her trademark 4 Pillars of Health looks at health as more than simply the absence of disease by investigating the physical, emotional, intellectual as well as spiritual elements of wholeness in a warm, passionate and edutainment style for her audiences.

She is a graduate of the State University of New York and New York Chiropractic College. Her postgraduate studies at Harvard Medical School in Body, Mind, and Spirit medicine have an emphasis on resiliency. She is also a Certified Addiction Professional and Diplomate
of the American Board of Disability specializing in pain management.

Dr. Higgins has broadcasted on both public and commercial radio and is the host of The Dr. Evelyn Higgins Show, a nationally syndicated radio program. She has a 28-year history as a practicing doctor, author, columnist, national health care commentator of both radio and television. She is a keynote speaker as well as international lecturer to both lay people and multidisciplinary physician groups alike.

Dr. Higgins was selected as a community hero bestowing upon her the privilege of being an Olympic Torchbearer. She has served as official team doctor for the 1996 Somali Olympic team, and the 1993-94 US/Ukranian team for the Round the World Whitbread Race. She has had the privilege and honor of advising the US Surgeon General on Physical Fitness and Women’s Health and was founder and director of the Georgia chapter of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. She served as team doctor for the Atlanta Xplosion, Women’s professional football team for eight seasons.

Her radio show has won the prestigious Gracie Award for Outstanding Lifestyle programming, and was a finalist in the 2009 New York Radio Festival. She has been featured in All Access, Talkers Magazine and Levine Breaking News. She is a member of the Alliance for Women in Media, formerly known as American Women in Radio and TV, and most recently has been a keynot speaker at the NYC event. She was honored as one of only twenty broadcasters to participate in the 2013 as well as 2014 United Nations Radio Talk Day, interviewing global goodwill ambassadors such as actor Ed Norton, Stevie Wonder, the director of WHO, UN Women and ambassadors alike. Her latest accomplishments include being selected as an Executive Producer for the upcoming New York City Cowboys film, as well as Executive Director of a global NGO, MMUUSA, originally based out of Tanzania.

She has had numerous national and local television appearances including NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, FOX News, FOX and Friends as well as The Glenn Beck Show on FOX, Rural TV and local and national cable networks alike.

She has contributed to numerous health and wellness blogs as well as periodicals such as the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta Family Christian, Marietta Daily Journal and Brenau University Magazine, along with Philadelphia Row Magazine. She has authored several books, including her latest The Dr. Evelyn Higgins Guide To Health And Wellness along with The Mystery of Happiness: A Step By Step Journal of Gratitude. She frequently presents her recognized philosophy “Prescription for Life” when she lectures on various health and wellness topics. Her upcoming book, Three Meetings was the result of a 534 mile trek from southern France through the Pyrenees Mountains and across the entire country of Spain.

As an example to other baby boomers and young and old alike, she enjoys an active lifestyle including running, hiking, kayaking, weight training, and rowing. She lives a life of gratitude and practices her “Prescription for Life.”

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