Part 3 of 4: Veganism in 360

June 16, 2018

I briefly discussed amino acids in the context of proteins in the last newsletter, but I think it’s important to delve deeper into amino acids themselves because of their vast and important role in our bodies.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, but what exactly does that mean and what makes them so important?  Not only do amino acids provide the actual cellular structure, they also help transport and store nutrients.  Because of this, amino acids have influence over the function of our organs, glands, tendons, arteries, heal wounds, repair tissue, removal of waste in our bodies, and the health of our muscles, bones, skin, and hair.  Sound like a little bit of everything?  Yup.

So how is an amino acid made and used in the body?  It starts with a protein being consumed and then broken down in the gastro-intestinal tract.  Once that single amino acid gets broken down, it is rebuilt as a new protein.  This process called biosynthesis happens 3-4 times per day, meaning that your body has to be supplied with more aminos though biosynthesis, diet, and supplements to continue metabolism.

Not having sufficient amino acids can result in serious health complications such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, mood swings, inhibited sexual performance, hair loss, sleep issues, skin problems, increase in negative menopause symptoms, and weight problems.

If you would like to measure your amino acid levels, contact me to schedule a consultation and testing.  Knowing is the key to making a measurable and sustainable change.

Your heart is the greatest healer of your life.  And your soul is the heart of your life.  Let’s start living, folks.  Today starts now.  Until we meet again, this is Dr. Higgins saying, good bye.